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The mushroom dumplings and batagor recipes

There is know at Oyster mushrooms in the refrigerator, pengen bikin batagor also,,hmm,, coba aja gabungin two materials http://www.detektifrasa.com/rahasia-resep-siomay-bandung-asli-dan-lezat/ Alhamdulillah, it could be an alternative forvegetarians, because it tastes emang Oyster Mushrooms can gantiin cock, yummy,,😋

The mushroom dumplings and batagor recipes

50 g of Oyster Mushrooms
5 know white/yellow
6 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp plain flour
3 cloves garlic
10 grains pepper/pepper
to taste salt, sugar and flavoring

Peanut Sambal ingredients:
75 gr of fried peanuts
1 clove of garlic fries
3 pieces of red chilli
1 piece of pecan
2 pieces of Orange leaves
brown sugar to taste
to taste Salt
2 drops of vinegar (I pake in * i)

1. angle Cut 4 pieces of tofu (so that the triangular-shaped), fried until golden brown

2. in another container, combine chopped Oyster Mushrooms, one knows that destroyed, starch, wheat flour, garlic and pepper that has been crushed, salt, sugarflavoring, stir

3. remove the contents of the already fried tofu, mix dough Dumplings with mushrooms, stir well, put the batter back into the know one by one

4. prepare steamer, steamed tofu filled dough, batter and remaining rounded steamed together know kurleb 15menit

5. Pending the steamer, fried peanut puree, set aside,
Puree garlic already fried, red chili pepper and nutmeg, stir fry together until aromatic lime leaves

6. Enter the subtle ground beans, add water, brown sugar that has been combed, salt and flavoring, test taste, stir until thickened

7. After setting, turn off the heat, add the vinegar, stir, lift

8. If you want to fry the Dumplings, batagor until browned, serve together with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce

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